Why you should exist in photographs!

Like many others, I’m the one who’s always BEHIND the camera. I have thousands of photographs of my children and my children with their father and my pets, and friends, and flowers and just about everything else. But there is NOT ONE professional good looking photo of me with my kids, let a lone me with my children AND husband.

Why is that? I think you already know the answer. 

Even if you don’t have children. Even if you have photos of yourself, taken by your partner or friend. How likely is it that you really LOVE yourself in those or are proud of the photographs? 

Like me, you probably think you’re too old, too fat, not photogenic enough, not good enough to spend money on professional photographs, too shy to stand in front of someone else with a camera, got no time for that and whatever other reasons a woman can come up with. But I assure you, you ARE worth it, you ARE not too fat, not too old, heck, you’re NEVER too old to get a photograph of yourself that you will absolutely love. Just recently I had the honor to photograph a 97 year old. Yup, that’s right! Ninety-seven! 

And she looked stunning, and she loved her portraits and very importantly, her family loved her photographs too. Because after you have gone to heaven, that portrait of you and the portrait of you and them together, is all they have left and it is what they will TREASURE for the rest of their lives and the rest of their children’s lives. 

Find a photographer who’s work you love, a photographer who you meet at your pre-session consultation and who you feel comfortable around. A photographer who will hire a hair and makeup artist to make you look and feel like a celebrity for a day and you treats you like one too. Choose a photographer who can guide you in posing, tailored to your body shape and who can work lighting to make you look fresh and young. Because you deserve beautiful portraits of you, for your self-esteem, for your children, your partner, for your parents and for all the people who love you.

I invite you to celebrate your life, your family, your friendship, regardless of how you feel about your body shape, looks or age.

I promise to take the most beautiful photograph of you, capturing the essence of you and your personality. And I promise you-will-love-it!



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